Tangible Assets

There are many reasons for businesses to establish themselves in Blekinge, beyond the large cities. Blekinge consists of 3000 km2 containing attractive plots of land with substantially lower prices than those found in large cities. You’ll find places for both industries and offices to grow, close to harbours and main transportation routes, all more accessible than those found in larger metropolitan areas.
For those companies in need of good transportation possibilities, Blekinge is a perfect choice of location. In the region, there’s a well-developed network of roads with European classification of the largest one running east-west through the region. With even and predictable traffic flows, the risk of getting stuck in congestions is literally non-existing.
Businesses in need of intense freight transportation possibilities, will find three harbours in the region. Two of these are part of  the trans-European transport grid “TEN-T” with railroad connections, electrified tracks and a large and growing freight capacity. Blekinge is the natural gateway to large population centres in central and eastern Europe and beyond.


The coastal strip of Blekinge is 580 kilometers long and dominated by temperate deciduous forests and extensive oak fields that meet the seabed. The coast is adorned with 1039 islands with interesting cultural environments both above and below sea level.

“We have a fantastic festival area here – quite possibly Scandinavia’s best festival area” – Mats Natvig, CEO at Sweden Rock Festival

With Sweden being the country providing the second fastest broadband in the world, Blekinge in particular, is the region where broadband access is growing rapidly. The strategy is to offer 95% of the people living in the region with full access to broadband internet services within a few years.
The municipalities in Blekinge are run by forward-driven and brave politicians open to new, innovative solutions – especially so when these solutions come from businesses wanting to establish themselves in the region. The city of Karlskrona is for instance right now constructing what will be the largest co-owned solar park in Sweden, offering companies and citizens to buy shares in the park and with this, enabling the possibility to produce your own environmentally friendly power.
In Karlshamn, the governing body have decided to invest in a large expansion of Netport Science Park, to be ready in 2019. This expansion will be located at the end of a pier in the city center with fantastic views and will among other things contain large new office space for 700 people, concert arenas, cinemas, restaurants and exhibition areas.
In addition, the fact that Blekinge is the region in Sweden with the most hours of sunlight per year, that you’ll find over 1000 islands in Blekinge archipelago, that you’re able to find a place to live on the water or right in the middle of a fantastic landscape with commuting being a breeze due to short distances, are all brilliant bonuses making Blekinge an extremely attractive place for both business and personal life.