Super talents

Every year they come, a caravan of young, extremely talented people from all over the world. They come to study at one of Sweden’s most prestigious technical universities – Blekinge Instititute of Technology, BTH. They have chosen BTH first and foremost based on the fact that it is one of the leading universities in the world within the specified areas; ICT, innovation and sustainability. And also as BTH is part of a large business network made available to the students during their time at the university.

They also know that BTH offer world-class research within Big Data, innovative product development and software development. BTH’s research in software engineering ranks second in the world and number one in Europe in terms of publications in leading journals, and BTH’s research in strategic sustainable development is among the most cited in the world.

Sharp brains and open minds

The students know that BTH’s saying “In real life” is not just empty words. During their education, they get plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge to problem solving and process and product development for companies partnering with BTH. Many international businesses such as Volvo, Tetra Pak, SAAB and Spotify, have chosen to collaborate with BTH around different R&D initiatives. For example, researchers at BTH work closely with Volvo’s Blekinge operations in order to utilize AI and Big Data in production processes in the Stamping industry.


Nobel prize in sustainability

It is widely known that the masters program in strategic leadership towards sustainability at BTH is world class. One of the founders of the masters program, professor Karl-Henrik Robert, in 2009 received the Blue Planet Prize – sometimes referred to as “The Nobel Prize in sustainability”. Since the start in 2009, the masters program have educated over 600 young leaders from 80 different countries, all today working with the same mission in their respective countries – to transform companies and organizations in order to achieve a more sustainable world.


In the region there are three universities with in total some 50.000 students, 200 professors and 450 postgrad students. These universities are very close geographically – within an hour you are able to reach many of tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and change makers.

“What we do here in Hyper Island Karlskrona is to educate creators, entrepreneurs, facilitators and leaders who are fluent in the digital age” – Jörg Teichgraeber, Program Director at Hyper Island

Digital Harvard

Also stemming from Blekinge – almost 25 years ago, the global and world renowned digital creative school of Hyper Island, also known as “Digital Harward”, was founded in Karlskrona. Over the years, Hyper Island have educated some 4000 students which are today to be found in the most respected and prestigious organizations and roles around the world. The school has developed a revolutionary pedagogy with no traditional teachers or course material – the students are instead facilitated by competent business people coming from relevant industries, solving real briefs/challenges from real organizations. Hyper Island was in 2010 recognized for their contribution to the innovative spread of knowledge and received an award from crown princess Victoria of Sweden.


Incubator for growing businesses

One of Sweden’s more significant business incubators, is located in Blekinge. Blekinge Business Incubator have supported many growing businesses with coaching around management, business development, marketing, sales and finance and are considered number one in Sweden when it comes to turnover among participating incubator companies.