Access to Markets

Major global players in a variety of industries such as Telenor, Ericsson, Roxtec, Tarkett, Volvo Cars, AAK Sweden, Saab and NKT (formerly ABB) are already established and invest further in Blekinge due to the region´s strong technical competence, efficient collaboration between academia and the private sector as well as for the easy access to their respective markets around the globe.

Blekinge is conveniently located in southern Sweden, in the middle of the Baltic region close to mainland Europe. You can fly to Stockholm in an hour from Ronneby Airport and in three hours with train or car, you’re at Copenhagen Airport, Scandinavia’s largest flight hub.


Blekinge is part of a dense population area. By car you’ll reach 250.000 people in an hour and 2.500.000 in two hours.

“While operating from Blekinge we are only 1-3 vessel days away from our core market” – Mika Mäkelä, VP & Head of Finance at NKT

In Blekinge, there’s a well-developed network of roads with European classification of the largest one running east-west through the region. With even and predictable traffic flows, the risk of getting stuck in congestions is literally non-existing.

South Sweden has the largest network of regional train services, three international harbours and through four daily departures, you’ll be able to reach Poland and Lithuania in a couple of hours. Two of these harbours are part of the trans-European transport grid “TEN-T” with railroad connections, electrified tracks and a large and growing freight capacity. Blekinge is the natural gateway to large population centres in central and eastern Europe and beyond.