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What if we said there’s a place that’s just as perfect for life as for business. A place in the country that has given the world not only great pop music, the Nobel Prize and Zlatan Ibrahimovic but also IKEA, Spotify, Battlefield, Bluetooth, Volvo and TetraPak. A place where everything is at arm’s length: decision makers, dynamic business networks, a highly skilled workforce. A place where you can go from making the most of your business to making the most of your spare time by taking the boat to work in ten minutes and drop off your kids at kindergarten along the way. Blekinge, Sweden, with a unique archipelago in the Baltic, is this place. To further develop the international business climate and facilitate export and trade opportunities for local companies, as well as foreign direct investment, we are part of Southern Sweden international. The objective is to create regional cooperation in the area of International Business Promotion in both Skåne and Blekinge.

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